How Well Do You Know Your Library Volunteers?

Gil Clifton, chairman of the Library Board, is seen welcoming volunteers at the 2022 annual luncheon. (Photo by Nancy Tarpley)

Joan Muyskens Pursley

As you may know, our library is staffed by resident volunteers. Most work a two-hour shift every week, although there are about a dozen who cannot commit to a regular schedule, so they serve as substitutes on days the weekly volunteers have a scheduling conflict, such as a vacation or medical appointment. Each year the Library Board (all also volunteers) and the Friends of the Library officers host a luncheon for the library staff. Prior to the luncheon, Library Board Secretary Nancy Tarpley asks each volunteer for several “fun facts” about themselves. These are then read at the luncheon, and volunteers guess who they describe.

Here we challenge you to test yourselves on how well you know some of our volunteers. Match the numbered facts below to the volunteers (listed at end of the 14 facts). Turn to page 18 to find out how many you got right.

1. She is related to Robert Louis Stevenson. Three years ago, she went to his museum and burial place in Samoa, participated in a local ceremony, and was an honorary daughter to the island’s Chief for the day.

2. He swam against Mike Spitz, the nine gold Olympic medalist.

3. She sang in coffeehouses to earn spending money while in college.

4. She met and visited with Mother Teresa in the Summer of 1975 in Calcutta, India.

5. When she was seven, she entered a Why I Like Cheerios contest and won a Lone Ranger outfit.

6. She sang in a couple of USO shows in front of a large number of Army troops.

7. Her job in college was a runway model for Neiman Marcus in Dallas.

8. The autobiography she is working on is called Twenty-Six Houses, as that’s how many places she has lived: six different states and three years in Italy. Robson Ranch is house number 26.

9. In 1968 she was an overnight guest of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III in Monaco.

10. He was on Antiques Roadshow in 2008.

11. She was named Wichita State University’s most outstanding female athlete in 1975.

12. She sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” with a choir at a Rangers game at Rangers Stadium on July 4, 1989.

13. He performed a skit onstage with John Davidson in Branson, Mo.

14. She went hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey.


Debbie Boudreau

Priscilla Briney

Deborah Diehl

John Fersch

Judy Gillespie

Suzanne Horne

Doris Koenig

Christine Lovelace

Sandra Mankowich

Ferne Porter

Jim Ryerson

Marsha Scholze

Dana Snider

Jerry Tarpley


1. Debbie Boudreau

2. Jim Ryerson

3. Deborah Diehl

4. Marsha Scholze

5. Christine Lovelace

6. Suzanne Horne

7. Sandra Mankowich

8. Ferne Porter

9. Judy Gillespie

10. John Fersch

11. Dana Snider

12. Doris Koenig

13. Jerry Tarpley

14. Priscilla Briney