Interview with Wildhorse Lady Niner’s president Janie Farnsworth

Mary Ornberg

Question: What is the Wildhorse Lady Niners Club? When was the Wildhorse Lady Niners founded and why?

Answer: We recognized a need for a more relaxed golf game for both newer and older players. We felt that offering a separate Nine Hole Association would be advantageous to new golfers and golfers returning to the game.

Question: How have the newer members influenced the club?

Answer: We have several new members that have positions on the board of directors and various committees. They bring new ideas, enthusiasm and energy to the group.

Question: What is your vision for the future of the WLN?

Answer: As Robson Ranch continues to grow, there is a need to have an association to support the new and older homeowners. With a current membership of 125 and growing it means more players on the golf course.

Question: Tell us about the Princess Tournament on October 2 and what impact it has on the community.

Answer: The Princess Tournament started eight years ago. I was Nine Hole Playday Chair under the WGA and I thought we should have a tournament like the Queens 18 Hole Tournament. It has expanded into a charity fund raising event. In 2016 it was the Denton Animal Shelter receiving over $4,000. In 2017, the Presbyterian Hospital Diabetes Education Program were the recipients of $5,200. We found that was a charity that had not been touched by Robson Ranch, so in 2018 we are hopeful to raise even more money for the October 2 Tournament.

Question: Why should people join?

Answer: I can only answer with our Mission Statement. “The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage ladies to enjoy playing 9-holes of golf and to help ladies learn or re-learn the rules and etiquette of the game by participating in team, individual play and tournament.”

You can join this group of women golfers by downloading a membership application from the website (go to “clubs” and then to “Wildhorse Lady Niners”) or call Membership Chairperson Donna Slater at 940-252-3325.