Introducing Bean Bag Baseball

Front row (left to right): Martha Gills, Julie Futscher, Caryn Galderisi, Rita Kosla, Lori Richter, Jack Terry, Roxy Elting and Manny Macias. Back row: Gayle Brothers, Jerry Brockell, Mike Futscher and Ron Tackett.

Looking for something to fill your Thursday evenings? Come checkout Bean Bag Baseball, a low-impact game for everyone with all skill levels! It’s similar to baseball, yet so different. The club was started by Martha Gills, who brought us the board and bags from Arkansas in June of 2018. With the help of Rita Kosla, these two women have gotten a fun group of folks together for friendly competition and camaraderie. All Robson Ranch residents are welcome to join in the fun. Can’t play every Thursday? No problem. Bean Bag Baseball is a drop-in event. Join us on Thursday evenings in the Cimarron Sports Club, 7:00–8:30 p.m. Because we currently play in the gym, please be sure to wear soft-soled shoes. Wearing your nametag is encouraged. Hope to see you Thursday!