Introducing the Robson Ranch Facilities Committee


Dave Parker

This month the HOA Board would like to feature another hardworking committee at Robson Ranch—the Facilities Committee. The Facilities Committee meets once a month and works with individual homeowners, clubs and organizations that wish to use the facilities at Robson and to allocate the use in the best interest of the community. The committee publishes and updates the Facilities Handbook which conveys to all Robson Ranch owners, residents, tenants and their guests the policies and guidelines applicable to all Robson Ranch facilities with the exception of the Wildhorse Golf Course and the Grill. The committee also has sub-committees that have a focus on the Sports Center, CATC and Clubhouse buildings. All meetings are open to residents. Come to a meeting and see these hardworking volunteers do their best to maximize facility usage.

Some of the successes that the Facilities Committee might brag about would be the meetings with homeowners to encourage the development of the horseshoe park, the surveys that have been conducted to gather information for our HOA board about homeowners’ use of our facilities and the items that would be of interest in the future, or the forums to invite homeowner input that have resulted in changes in policy or new programs. If you have an interest in volunteering for service on this committee, simply fill out a committee volunteer form available at the HOA office or contact chair LaDonna Womochel at [email protected]