Introduction to pottery

New class members: Marlene Womack, Lucy Ventura, JoAnne Siebel, Betty Dannenberg and Sally Klang. Linda Vandenbree was out of town.

Carolyn Detjen

Three times a year, beginner’s classes are given in the Happy Potters Club, enabling those unfamiliar with clay to enjoy as we describe it, “learning how to play in the mud”. Pinch pots are the first step in the adventure. Our little one-pound bowl becomes the stepping stone toward uncovered hidden abilities. It has been said that learning new things exercises the brain and keeps us young. For most of us, that sounds exciting.

We have six new members: Betty Dannenberg, Sally Klang, JoAnne Siebel, Linda Vandenbree, Lucy Ventura and Marlene Womack. Each of the ladies has exhibited both courage and joy as they venture down the pathway to artistry in pottery. As Lucy Ventura has exclaimed, “You kids are so wonderful!” describing our times together.

Sally Klang states, “My time that I spend in pottery has been enjoyable. The beginning classes were helpful; they give you the tools to do things that I didn’t imagine I could do!”

“Happy Potters is such fun, playing and creating with clay. Like being a kid again. It’s very therapeutic!” Betty Dannenberg

“I viewed with nervous anticipation my introduction to pottery classes with the RR Happy Potters. Although I found the experience quite challenging, the expertise and comforting support of the instructors made the experience most pleasurable. Now I can’t wait for each new session with the pottery ladies.” Jo Anne Siebel

Lucy Ventura affirms each of us with her encouraging praise “fantastic!”

Marlene Womack tells us, “For me, pottery puts me in my happy Zen place. I always loved playing with clay and creating something. Now I get to learn from the experts! Pat Bender is a wonderful and patient teacher! I have learned a lot more in one month coming to classes than I did in 1990 when I took a six-month class in throwing. Carolyn and Jackie have also been wonderful teachers.”

As always, I invite you to come visit us in the CATC building where all kinds of artwork abounds.