Jewish Friendship Group news

Lynne Moore

The JFG had their monthly meeting and brunch on August 11 in the clubhouse. This month’s gathering was hosted by Dave and Phyllis Ayers. Our group meets on the second Sunday of each month to share some of the wonderful goodies we grew up with and still enjoy. It is also a special time to visit and share what’s been going on in our busy lives. There are, of course, lots of stories of grandchildren, travel, and the latest books we’ve read. We also keep up with what is new in someone’s life—like a new grandbaby or a special event. It is also good to find out if someone needs a phone call or a little sunshine in their life. So many of us are transplants to Denton, so our JFG group is like our second family. We also want to thank Amy and Stan Gritz for stepping up and becoming our new leaders. Only one person in the couple has to be Jewish to join the group, and we welcome those of you who would like to join. Just contact Amy at 214-535-2883 if you are interested.