Just What Does the Republican Club Do?

Tim McCormick, President

It’s no secret that our community is heavily Republican and conservative, so it’s probably no surprise that the Republican Club is one of the larger clubs on the Ranch. But since we recently had an election, just what do we do now? There’s no state or national election to gear up for. There’s no primary coming up soon. So, what to do?

Believe me, we have plenty! The Robson Ranch Republican Club has had an incredible year of growth, and not simply in numbers. We now have people involved in almost anything you can think of that is Republican—and probably some things you wouldn’t think of.

We have a committee on legislative issues that met with not only our own State Representative and Senator, but also others who have part of their districts in Denton County. This occurred shortly before those Representatives and Senators headed to Austin to make certain our voices are being heard.

We have a Special Events Committee that helped us fill up seven tables for the Denton County Republican Party’s Lincoln Reagan dinner (that’s 56 people!) where we got to hear Seth Dillon, CEO of the Babylon Bee political satire site, as well as our own Governor Greg Abbott. That same committee is planning a trip to Austin to visit the State Capital and our Representatives and to take a tour of the Governor’s mansion. I’m sure that will be loads of fun for us all!

We also educate our membership, and others who want to attend, on the many aspects of politics in Texas. Since we have numerous residents who move here from out of state, this has been very helpful to many.

Of course, we always have a great showing with our float in the 4th of July Parade and many participants that either drive their golf carts or walk with us. Last year the Mayor of Denton and his family joined us as well!

The ladies of the Republican Club, also known as the Liberty Belles, work with the Women to Women Pregnancy Center with donations of time, money, and supplies. They’ve also adopted the North Texas Collegiate Academy–a low-income charter school in Denton. The Liberty Belles gather supplies and clothing with guidance from the school’s superintendent to help these students have better opportunities in life.

We are holding an essay contest this spring where we will donate $1,000 in prizes for the winners of the contest!

And as much as I’ve just listed, I’m only scratching the surface. We bring the fun back into politics and realize that, despite what you hear on the TV, the world is not falling apart tomorrow. No doubt there are many issues and problems—in fact, that’s a major reason most of us join the club, to fix those—but we also know we go on in life and love being with our neighbors!

If you’d like to join us, go to www.RRRepublicanClub.com, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the “Join” button. We’d love to have you with us!