Kiwanis at Robson Ranch is seeking new members

Jan Norton

Membership at Kiwanis at Robson Ranch is restricted to Robson Ranch residents. We donate thousands of dollars and many more volunteer hours to providing scholarships, tutoring, caring for the sick, building ramps for the handicapped, making dolls for the infirmed, and so much more. We need more strong backs and loving arms and ears to continue. If you have been thinking about joining a diverse, charitable group, consider joining many of our members on Oct. 26 for our one-day event.

We will be working at the New Hope Equine Therapy Center in Argyle for a few hours probably in the morning depending on their schedule that day. We will meet at the Clubhouse here at Robson and carpool to the New Hope facility which is just past Denton Country Club. The New Hope Center provides horse riding therapy to children with various disabilities, some of whom will probably be riding while we are there. We have worked at the New Hope facility for the past few years mending fences, clearing brush, staining the mounting station and ramp which the ramp builders built several years ago and other similar jobs.

Put on your work boots and bring some sliced apples for the horses. We’d love to work with you for the children of Denton. Give one of us a call for time and travel arrangements. If you don’t know a member yet, give Jan Norton a call at 817-372-9652.