Kiwanis Club Members Receive Life-Saving CPR Training

At a recent general meeting, members and guests of the Kiwanis Club Robson Ranch received CPR training from the staff at the Wise Health Surgical Hospital at Argyle. The Kiwanis Club frequently invites speakers from the community to our monthly meetings to provide overviews of their services and how they can help our members and our fellow Robson residents.

Five staff members from Wise Health provided the CPR presentation and demonstrations of administering CPR. Members and guests were given an overview of the Wise Health Surgical Hospital services and their specialties. The Wise location, so near to Robson Ranch, and their highly rated services are very beneficial to our Robson community.

Following the overview, a comprehensive video presentation was made by the Wise staff. Highlights included recognizing the signs of a person in cardiac distress, steps to take prior to administering CPR, and then the actual CPR procedure. The presentation included the differences between administering adult, child, and baby CPR. Recognizing and resolving choking via the Heimlich maneuver was also covered.

Since Robson facilities have AED defibrillators available, the use of this life-saving device was also covered.

After the meeting, members and guests were trained by the staff from Wise Health using CPR manikins to demonstrate the proper administration of CPR. There was also a lesson on using an AED defibrillator.

The club members are so grateful to the staff of Wise Health Surgical Hospital for their time at our meeting and for their great service to our community.