Knee Research Study Gets Underway

Do you have knee pain? Are you between 45–79 years old? Are you otherwise healthy and mobile? Would you be willing to participate in a study where you will be asked to consume freeze dried watermelon powder or a powder without watermelon reconstituted in water daily for four months?

If you have answered yes to all of the above, then you may be eligible to participate in a four-month research study to look at the beneficial effect of watermelon in improving joint function and reducing pain associated with knee osteoarthritis.

Criteria include meeting the requirements listed above and willing to consume either whole watermelon powder or a powder without watermelon reconstituted in water for a period of four months. There will be blood draws at the start, midpoint (two months) and at the end (four months) of the study. Joint flexibility, gait and balance analysis, and vascular health will be assessed at the start of study, midpoint, and end of study. Pain and physical activity will be assessed via questionnaires. The total time you need to spend for the study is 4 hours 45 minutes over four months involving three visits.

Benefits include: promotion of knee joint and vascular health, measurements of height and weight, pain and stiffness evaluation, and range of motion, gait, and vascular assessment. Blood markers of cartilage health will be evaluated. Upon completion, you will receive a compensation of $100 for your time in partial payments of $50 at midpoint (two months) and final visits.

Please note: The study site is TWU – Denton Campus.

If interested, please email us with your phone number or call for more information: Shanil Juma, PhD, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences, [email protected]; 940-898-2704.