Kudos to Wood Shop Volunteers

Frank Hunter repairing furniture

Joni Matthiessen

We are so fortunate in the Wood Shop that many new folks have joined us and are now stepping up and helping make the shop the best it can be! At our recent monthly meeting, several new folks were mentioned for the work they are doing. Our president Kathy Dial deserves a big pat on the back for her leadership in getting all these folks organized and interested in taking on more and more responsibility. She has said many times, the more helping hands, the less stress it is for those who were overwhelmed from doing most of the work themselves!

Lorraine Wilson has taken it upon herself to document step-by-step instructions for all the big machinery in the shop so that newer members are able to access written instructions along with safety tips. She is also providing equipment training on Monday evenings for Ladies Night as well.

We still have a mentoring program in place if members need help doing specific projects. Contact the shop, and you will be assigned someone to help you. We have ongoing training classes. Jo Bostwick had a class on April 20 for working with epoxy, and Boyce Irwin had a box making class on May 3. There are also sign-up sheets for pen turning class, as well as cutting board classes, gluing, and clamping tips, making toys, as well as requesting classes for other projects. We are always conducting safety training classes taught by Scott Lebsack, Mike Riewe, Larry Daniels, and Larry Ditch.

David Laschinger, Tammy Gaither, and John Gascho have taken over administration duties for safety training. Frank Cianci and Jack Ackerman have taken over creating the ever-popular Samba card holders, plus puzzle boards. Lori Coffman is handling our computers and handling IT issues. Ray Davis has tirelessly worked on our website. Our ever-faithful Frank Hunter and Greg Kohn are still in the shop everyday repairing furniture. Rich Jedlowski and Julie Futscher are handling inventory lists. Boyce Irwin also has headed up the monitor training classes, but we could sure use more folks to step up and help Boyce with monitor training.

Anyway, we have a great group of folks who have stepped up and now share the workload. These folks all love the Wood Shop and are continuing to work hard to make the shop run like a well-greased wheel, or should I say a well-maintained table saw?!