Ladies’ Day at the Range

Gun Club’s Women’s Group at Eagle Range

Mary Ellen Steibel

This month, the self-proclaimed “Girls Squad,” members of the Robson Ranch Gun Club’s Women’s Group, joined the Gun Club’s Paper Punchers Group at one of the favorite local ranges, the Eagle Gun Range. Many gun ranges have “Ladies’ Day” with discounted lane rental fees and special events for women, and, coincidentally, it was Ladies’ Day at Eagle! We had a great time practicing and keeping our skills sharp and then joined the guys for lunch. The Paper Punchers generally meet on the first and third Tuesday of the month at a local range. Several women in the Gun Club also shoot regularly with the Sporting Clays Group, which meets most Wednesdays, usually at Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds in Decatur.

The Women’s Group is part of the Robson Ranch Gun Club and is focused on meeting the needs and interests of women in our community. Kicking off the post-COVID 2021 program, a meet and greet was held in April where plans for activities and training were discussed. Although the nationwide shortage of ammunition might slow us down a bit, we have some fun and educational activities planned. Our Women’s Group posts information on our upcoming opportunities using the Groupworks website. Events in the works for this year include a Basic Pistol class and a License to Carry class and exam.

The mission of our Robson Ranch Gun Club is to provide an opportunity and forum for our members to meet, share interest in firearms, participate in various forms of shooting sports, and provide a learning environment for all skill levels of firearm ownership and uses. Our monthly meeting is the second Tuesday of the month at 1 p.m. in the clubhouse. We are always looking for other Robson Ranch residents interested in joining in our great fellowship and learning about these fun and active shooting sports and skill practice opportunities. Safety is always our primary concern and is a shared responsibility of each member.

For more information, please contact Mary Ellen Steibel, Women’s Group Leader and Gun Club Board Member at [email protected].