Ladies with Hattitude become Bunco babes

The best way to describe the June event for Ladies with Hattitude is sheer chaos. Over the years the Ladies have tackled many adventures, but nothing can compare to their ability to play Bunco. On June 15 the Ladies met at the home of Debbie Hall for what was hoped to be a fun-filled time. Armed with oral and written instructions on how the group was to play Bunco, we found ourselves playing a different game each time we switched tables. And speaking of switching tables, it took over an hour to figure out whether the winners or losers were switching. We kept score based on rotating criteria and awarded prizes to whomever dared to create a large number and give us a convincing argument that this large number could have been possible. In the end everyone left with a prize. But if you base the success of a party to be the noise level and laughter, this event was one of our greatest hits. As always, our Red Hat group never fails to give us great enjoyment each month.