Lady Niners Adapt to a New Normal—Life Without Golf

WLN Communications

As we all faced a new enemy, COVID-19, Robson Lady Niners found sheltering in place meant life without golf for 30 days. Yes, it was a new normal, but a necessary one and we found many ways to keep ourselves occupied and time to pray for those afflicted with the virus. When Craig Pullen circulated the news that the governor, county, and HOA board had given the green light to open the Wildhorse Golf Club on April 17 under strict rules, we returned to golf for exercise, but golf was still not back to normal. Golfers could play as individuals distant from each other, but associations like the Lady Niners were not allowed to re-form and play as a group.

The Wildhorse Lady Niners (WLN) is an organization pliable enough to adapt to changing times. When allowed to reorganize, we will once again be able to encourage women at Robson Ranch to enjoy playing nine holes of golf on Wednesday mornings and continue to improve their game playing with 127 other women with similar golf skills. The Lady Niners come together to play in teams, individual play, special events, and sometimes unique games, all for the fun of the game of golf. If you are interested in learning more about the Wildhorse Lady Niners, contact Ana Corey at [email protected] or President Jane Thompson at [email protected]. We look forward to a new “normal” time, no matter how long it takes.