Larry Varnes – candidate Robson Ranch Board of Directors

When we first visited Robson Ranch, we fell in love with the common areas, the amenities and the people. It became immediately apparent that Robson Ranch was the perfect place to live out our golden years.

As a Director, I would commit to finding the right balance between maximizing that quality of life and the cost of providing it.

The three most significant issues that need to be addressed by the Board are:

Improved proactive communication: Poor communications can break down the trust needed between the Developer and the HOA in the short term, and between residents in the longer term.

Financial stability will be required when the Developer significantly reduces or eliminates subsidies. This will require a focus on marketing.

Develop closer ties with the Denton City Council and Mayor. There are many outstanding issues that need to be addressed. We are important contributors to the well being of Denton. Our voices need to be heard.

I am uniquely qualified to address these issues. My communications and marketing skills were honed in my 35-year career as Chief Strategic Officer for a top ten advertising agency. I have been President of two different HOAs. I am accustomed to dealing with city councils and developers.

I have been actively involved in Robson Ranch, having served as a Board Advisor for four years. I was instrumental in the development of the Community Rep Program and continue to shepherd its development. I have been active in Kiwanis, and I am a member of Woodworkers. I’m now ardently learning how to play a better game of golf.

But my best qualification is having common sense and a good sense of humor. They go a long way to getting things done.