Last Call for Dean French

Dean with the umpires of RRSA

Dean French recently umpired his final softball game at Robson’s Field of Dreams. He holds the record for umpiring longer than anyone at the Ranch. A native of California, Dean grew up playing basketball, softball, and volleyball. From 1975 to 1988, he played for the SecoCots softball team and participated in basketball too. His college education included Physical Education, Science, and Elementary Education, thus leading to his work career focusing on Physical Education (PE). His last 15 years of employment was as a PE teacher for middle school. Culminating a 45-year career of umpiring high school and middle school wrestling, soccer, and softball, along with little league in California, it was time for a change.

Dean and his wife Donna moved to Robson Ranch in 2009. Once the Robson Ranch Softball Association was created, Dean saw the opportunity to continue his passion for umpiring. He will continue to umpire high school volleyball in Denton, Sanger, and Argyle. Both he and Donna play pickleball and Dean is an avid fisherman and gardener.