Living Well Committee Speakers Series: Male only urological issues

Gil Clifton

The Living Well Committee Speakers Series continued on July 10, with a presentation for male residents regarding urological ailments. The seminar was presented by Dr. George Bailey who is affiliated with the Urology Clinics of North Texas located in Fort Worth. Dr. Bailey did comment that the Urology Clinics planned to open a new facility in Denton in approximately three months. Dr. Bailey grew up in Virginia but traveled to Utah where he attended Brigham Young University and obtained his B.S. Degree. He returned to Virginia for medical school and received his M.D. degree from the University of Virginia. He was accepted for his residency and subspecialty training at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Along the way he authored numerous peer reviewed publications regarding urologic oncology, kidney stones, sexual dysfunction and robotic surgery.

Dr. Bailey’s lecture here at Robson Ranch was set up in the clubhouse for 56 attendees. By the time he was ready to start his presentation all chairs had been filled so additional chairs had to be brought in to accommodate the audience. Dr. Bailey started by noting that urologists deal with ailments occurring in multiple organs. They must address multiple disorders and conditions and they provide surgical intervention when necessary. Dr. Bailey’s talk for our residents focused on four areas: prostate cancer, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency. He went into great detail describing symptoms, treatments and follow-up for each topic.

During his presentation Dr. Bailey was inundated with questions and comments from residents. He was extremely patient with each resident and brought each discussion to a satisfactory conclusion. After his lecture was formally completed Dr. Bailey remained available for an additional 30 minutes to answer one on one questions from attending residents. We owe a special thanks to him for his patience and professionalism during the whole afternoon. And as always DATCU was represented at the presentation and provided drinks and cookies which all disappeared.

The Living Well Speakers Series will continue with monthly seminars or other activities throughout the year. Please check your email regularly for updates on upcoming activities that might interest you. You should plan on joining us soon for a good time!