Living Well Committee Update

Claudia J. Caporale

Congratulations to all the dedicated athletes who participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and now it’s on to the Robson Ranch Olympics! We may not be winning bronze, silver, or gold medals, (because we already won those in our early careers, right?) but we can have fun challenging ourselves and enjoying a bit of competition between neighbors and friends! And, yes, awards! So, get ready for our Robson Ranch Olympics on September 25. You’ve most likely signed up for one of your favorite sport events during our August sign-up period; if not and you can’t participate, then go out and support your Robson Ranch friends. September will be ushering in cooler temperatures, so come join the crowd for a day of fun and laughter. A special thanks to our Living Well Committee members, especially Shirley Martin, Tiffany Ramzy, Tena Pitts, and the rest of the team who organized, coordinated, and registered applicants for this special event. So much time and effort has gone into bringing this fun time to our residents and making it a successful event. Our thanks to Marsha Elving who has reconstructed our website and is keeping it updated. Check it out at

It’s always a great way to start a Friday morning! We want to recognize and thank all our Friday vendors for their dedication to serving us here at the Ranch. We now have a special band group to entertain while you shop. They’re the Robson Ranch Rhythm and Roots Rambler’s Band. Thanks to Member Liz Dinkins who continues to interview and vet new vendors with new and original products for our residents. A list of vendors and their product offerings are listed on our website. Vegetables are organic home grown and meats are grass fed.

Our monthly presentations have been a huge success. Urologist Dr. Lira Chowdhury addressed the women’s anatomy, concerns, and solutions in the first half of our August 17 presentation, while Dr. Troy Houston addressed the male’s concerns and solutions during the second half of the presentation. Don’t miss the Sept. 13 presentation on Fraud and Identity Theft by Pat Sherman of the Denton-Area Teachers Credit Union, at 2 p.m.—very important information! On Oct. 7, we’ll have another informative presentation. Theresa Prewit will be discussing Medicare and its options at 2 p.m.—just in time to ask questions and make changes if you need to. Again, check our website regularly. If there’s a subject matter you’d like to know more about, contact Joyce Ambre at 940-262-3425. Our Living Well Committee is concerned about residents’ well-being and interests whether it be weekly Wednesday blood pressure checks or Saturday 8 a.m. morning walks with Gil.

Wear masks as instructed, stay healthy, and enjoy the many amenities provided here at the Ranch.