Living Well Committee’s Summer and Fall Events

Sponsors for the Fourth of July walk

Claudia Caporale

Robson Ranch residents are definitely out and about! Golf carts are zooming around, the outdoor pool is in use under sunny skies, exercise activities and events are filled to capacity and landscapes are trimmed, colorful, and beautiful. Even the Friday Market is busier than ever. But perhaps the real evidence of being out and about was on our July 4 celebration on July 3. It was a perfect morning with temps in the mid ’70s to begin the three mile walk at 7 a.m., hosted by the Living Well Committee and sponsored by Robson Ranch HOA who donated American Flag scarves to all the walkers, pets included, and delicious watermelon and water donated by The Pilot Knob Rotary Club to the 40 plus energetic residents who participated in the walk, and some who challenged themselves to a fast jog. Before the group could finish, golf carts, and folding chairs lined Robson Blvd to await the 9 a.m. parade. It was a grand show of love and respect for our country, flag, and freedom. Residents, family, and friends waved their flags with passion and enthusiasm as a sea of red, white, and blue marched by, a tribute to our constitution, forefathers, and military services. Thank you to our fire department, police department, and dignitaries who led the parade, as well as all the other participants—a fabulous and colorful parade, enjoyed by all.

On July 25, the Women’s Club, through the Living Well Committee, sponsored a presentation on wills and estates. Travis Weaver, attorney, packed the room with 50 plus residents. Mr. Weaver confidently and clearly answered questions, especially those with concerns from other states. He offered Robson Ranch residents a free, one-half hour telephone consultation for those who attended his presentation.

You won’t want to miss the next informative presentations by two Urologists addressing concerns on incontinence, kidney stones, and more. On Tuesday, Aug. 17, at 2 p.m., Dr. Laura Chaudhury, a Professor in the Natural Sciences Department at Broward College, will speak to the women on urology as it relates to them, and at 3 p.m., Dr. Troy Houston PA-C will speak to the men on urology as it relates to their issues. On Monday, Sept. 13, DATCU will present a seminar on Fraud and Identity Theft Protection. On Thursday, Oct. 7, there’ll be a presentation on Medicare. Just in time for those who are still searching for the right representation; and then in November we’ll have a presentation on Experiencing Aging. We are currently improving our website, so check it out for up-to-date details on our event calendar:

A new company is joining our Wednesday weekly blood pressure checks—Trio Home Care will be at the clubhouse every other week. Look for daily HOA notices for dates and times.

As mentioned, the Friday Market is getting busier since the lovely weather has returned. Some selections sell out by 9 a.m. So, get there early! In fact, you’ll want to meet three new vendors: Leaven from Heaven, a selection of sweet and herbed breads, Bennetts Berries & Bees, fresh and frozen poultry, lettuce mixtures, and edible plants, and Circle in Dairy, ice cream and other dairy products, grass fed and pasture raised Angus beef. The variety has multiplied, and soon you won’t need to shop at the grocery store, which means more time for pickleball, bocce, pool, and more.

While the Olympic Games in Tokyo are fun to watch on T.V.—it’s time to show off your talents right here at Robson Ranch! Save the date: Saturday, Sept. 25. It’s Robson Ranch Senior Olympics sponsored by the Living Well Committee. Registration starts later this month so look for announcements. Don’t miss out on the friendly fun, competition, and celebration awards luncheon at the conclusion of all events. All registered participants will receive a t-shirt and admission to the awards luncheon. Here’s a line-up of some of the events: bocce, basketball free throw, golf (4-hole, par 3), hula hoop, water volleyball, bolo toss, Texas toss, golf challenge/putt/5-hole, walk and lap swim, horseshoes, pickleball, and, new this year, softball. So, let’s see what you got! Start practicing. Maybe you’ll even make it to the next international Olympic event!

As always, we’d love to hear from you if there’s a topic you’d like more information on. Contact Joyce Ambre at 940-262-3425. As mentioned, our website is being updated regularly, so check it out at and read the daily notices on clubs and events sent by the HOA office.