Living Well “Man Up” health seminar

Gerald Jones, D.Min.

The Living Well Committee of Robson Ranch hosted a health seminar “Man Up” on June 14. Nationwide since 1994 the month of June has been set aside as Men’s Health Month. The Living Well Committee joined with organizations and health educators around our country to provide valuable health information on men’s health.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women in this country, and issues with the prostate will affect nearly all man at some point in their lives, making the focus of this seminar very relevant. Living Well committee members Tom Watrak, Fred Van Naerssen and moderator, Gerald Jones, D.Min., hosted this health forum for the men of the Ranch with the invited medical experts Dr. Daniel Caldwell, Cardiologist, and Dr. Dan McBride, Urologist.

Dr. Caldwell presented timely information on maintaining good heart health through proper diet and regular exercise. He spent a portion of his lecture talking about sleep apnea and the recent research about its effects on heart health. It is a chronic condition that can cause high blood pressure and/or the lack of oxygen, which can contribute to heart problems. Sleep apnea triggers a pause in breathing or shallow breathing that can bring about loud snoring. Many of the serious heart complications can be traced to long-term problems with sleep apnea. Available to attendees was a handout, “Living Smart,” a guide to eating healthy and being active, which are major factors in lessening the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. McBride emphasized the importance of receiving the PSA test and rectal exam. Regular screenings of the prostrate is an important part of men’s health. The prostate gland, walnut-size, just below the bladder and in front of the rectum, is found only in men. Dr. McBride shared his own personal philosophy: regardless of age and recent articles advocating for less screenings, good prostate health should be a goal for all men. Cancer Facts for Men and other brochures were available from the American Cancer Society.

Statistically men are less likely to visit a health provider’s office, but Robson Ranch males have “manned up.” Men, join us next June for “Men’s Health Month.”

Mike Foley represented DATCU credit union and provided refreshments and door prizes. Living Well seminars are free and open to Robson Ranch residents with advance registration. For more information please view the website at

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