Living Well on the Ranch: Happy Birthday Steve

Art by Brinley Ash. (Brinley can be contacted at

Art by Brinley Ash. (Brinley can be contacted at [email protected].)

Happy birthday, Steve!

Happy birthday, Steve!

Gil Clifton, Committee Member

One of my favorite activities here at Robson Ranch is walking. I enjoy being out and meeting other residents who are exercising and trying to stay healthy. And occasionally, I come across something special. That was the situation I encountered recently on a walk late in September. I was strolling up Rivercrest Drive with my dog Prim, when I noticed a young lady creating a chalk picture in a driveway. I stopped and asked her what she was drawing. She replied that she was making a birthday picture for a resident to honor her husband’s 71st birthday. She pointed out that the husband had been dealing with multiple medical issues for many years. I wished her well and left to finish my walk with Prim. Upon getting home, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to go back up the street to see if the drawing had been completed. I got back to the residence and indeed the picture was almost finished. I went to the door and rang the doorbell and was greeted by Patricia Gryder who was very pleasant and engaging. She confirmed that her husband Steve had indeed been dealing with multiple serious medical issues for many years. She stated that he had a massive stroke 16 years ago resulting in significant mobility and speech difficulties. In addition to his stroke, Steve had also had a bout with throat cancer and had undergone triple bypass surgery to deal with yet another medical crisis. She emphasized that despite all of his medical difficulties Steve had maintained a positive attitude about life. With that in mind we left the door and walked out to the driveway to take a look at the picture. What the artist had created was a Superman emblem with the words courage, strength, and resilience printed above it. This was a super gift to a deserving husband on his birthday. As the artist was putting the final touches on the painting, here came Steve out of the house to check out his gift. He stood alone and gazed at the picture. About that time some neighbors came to the house to admire the drawing and to wish Steve a happy birthday. I must tell you that the picture remains today in their driveway as a tribute to Steve and his relationship to Patricia. Please join me in wishing Steve and Patricia many more good times together, and we will be back to see them again for number 72.

By the way, the artist’s name is Brinley Ash. Brinley is a senior at the University of North Texas, majoring in advertising. She already has started her own business as a chalkboard and lettering artist and may be contacted at [email protected].