Living Well presents Medicare Made Easy

Jackie Hixson explaining the ins and outs of Medicare

Marie Milleage

On March 4, Living Well sponsored a “Medicare Made Easy” seminar presented by Jackie Hixson, a resident and Medicare specialist. Over 20 Robson Ranch dwellers braved the rain and sleet to learn about the four different parts to Medicare and the distinction among the A, B, C, and D categories.

Important details were stressed that included becoming familiar with Medicare terminology, making informed Medicare choices, changes in 2015 to the Medicare Part D drug plan and Advantage or Supplement plans. There were several questions regarding out-of-pocket costs when comparing brand name drugs and generic medications. Jackie suggested talking with one’s physician about these two categories of drugs to see which formula would be appropriate and less costly.

Important things to consider: What Medicare coverage do you need? Do you want or need supplemental coverage and will it work with Medicare? How much will the coverage cost and will there be co-pays? Which doctors, specialists and medical facilities accept your chosen coverage?

Jackie advised that Medicare choices are very important the first time; do it with full understanding of choices available as you may not be able to change in the future.

Refreshments were provided by our liaison DATCU who also offered door prizes to attendees.

Mark your calendars and register in advance for these future presentations.

April 15 – Safety First Comedy Show, Denton Fire Department

June 17 – Men’s Health Seminar “For Your Eyes Only,” featuring three medical specialists and held during National Men’s Health Week.

For additional information about Living Well seminars, please contact Marie Milleage at [email protected]. If you would like any information concerning the Robson Ranch Living Well Committee, please contact Susan Hebert at [email protected].