Lone Star instructor uses army training to help injured worker

When Tyler Clark heard the screams from a woman off the golf course, he did not hesitate to come to her assistance. Susan and Roger Wells were having work done at their home on Gardenia Street when one of the workers severely cut his wrist. While Susan administered pressure to the wound and called 911, she knew she needed help. With Roger gone, Susan yelled for assistance, and luckily Tyler was close by giving golf instructions. Fortunately for all involved, Tyler was able to use his combat life saver training from his Army service in Afghanistan to help reduce the bleeding and calm the man to prevent shock. Tyler’s special emergency care training and Sue’s immediate action helped turn a situation that could have been tragic into one where everyone involved was assured that the man received good emergency attention. When we hear that Robson Ranch is a special place because of the wonderful people here, we can add Sue Wells and Tyler Clark to that list.