Lunch Bunch Cook-Out

Hosts and helpers: Karen Vissar, Jacque Geist, Jack Geist and Marty Vissar.

Hosts and helpers: Karen Vissar, Jacque Geist, Jack Geist and Marty Vissar.

Sherry Zeise

June brought a special fun for the New Life Church Lunch Bunch as we enjoyed our annual Cook Out, when both men and women joined together for a time of feasting and fellowship. We shared barbecue sandwiches with all the fixings, refreshing salads, watermelon and fruit, and polished it all off with great desserts.

This time, on June 8, Marty and Karen Vissar graciously hosted our Lunch Bunch at their wonderful, new, spacious home with uniquely planned landscaping, which includes plants and decorations from areas where they had previously lived.

Our program for the day came with a bit of surprise, as we never know who Pastors Jeff and Judy Fairchild will be! One time they were Sonny and Cher, while at another Cook Out they were Daisy and Michael, so we are always guessing. Well, this time, they were Hansel and Gretel, dressed in authentic German attire. Judy’s frock was lavishly decorated with hand-embroidered flowers and lace. Jeff wore a working man’s vest and knickers. They broke out their guitars and led us in fun, old camp songs, like Sipping Cider Through a Straw. Some songs were from the “Hippie Generation,” like The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind and It Only Takes a Spark, while others were church camp songs, such as Do Lord and I Am Redeemed. In addition to singing those songs, we enjoyed the many memories of when we first sang them.

What fun to share, dine and sing with great gusto in the company of great friends and family! It was just the perfect way to spend time together.