Material Girls make a difference


Sandi Price

When military members are deployed, they leave behind their families and often pregnant wives. A large number of these wives are young, lonely, without local family support and barely subsisting. Not only do they now have to worry about having a baby alone, they also have to worry about their husbands possibly being in harm’s way.

New babies might be an incredible joy, but they also bring with them an incredible expense. Operation Shower was founded with the idea that “we should be doing more to acknowledge the families who were serving our country”. They have hosted almost 100 showers and showered nearly 5,000 families around the country and after ten years, their mission remains the same: To host awesome, joyous baby showers for military families to ease the stresses of deployment!

Operation Shower reached out to Material Girls in 2016 and we went into action. Tables were piled high with handmade bibs, burp cloths, baby quilts, receiving blankets, toys, taggies and everything baby imaginable because that’s what we do. We hope it makes a difference.