Material Girls obsession over bags

Anita Brockell’s bag

Anita Brockell’s bag

Sandi Price

Paula Hughes, a Material Girls member and a publisher of bag patterns, started it all. We were pleasantly surprised to find one of Paula’s patterns at Must Love Fabric on our recent outing.

She designed a special bag for Material Girls and taught a “how to” class. Several members made the bag and it revved up Tare Mirelez. Tare made a bag…a big, beautiful bag. Then she made another and another and another. It began to go viral in the Material Girls club and more bags were produced by others. But Tare remained ahead of the pack and was named queen bag maker (we actually wanted to call her the queen bag lady but she wasn’t having any of that).

She held the title for months but sadly she was dethroned this month by Marguerite Rose, who began making cell phone bags to sell at the Women’s Club Holiday Market this fall. After the first few weeks of creating her cell phone bags, it was a toss up to see if she actually had any bags left to sell at the Market. She made 80 bags and 41 of them were sold in the blink of an eye. That was two weeks ago so who knows if there are any left now. Marguerite is our bling queen and it looks like she now has a new title…Queen Bag Lady. (Yes, we can call her that, she’s too busy sewing bags to notice what we call her). And she didn’t lose her bling queen title either. Each of the cell phone bags have Marguerite’s unique bling additions.

Since our Material Girls members are extremely creative, they picked up the call and more bags began popping up at our weekly Show and Tells.

The bag craze has been going on for months now but I wonder what will be next? We’ll be traveling to Arlington this week for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo so who knows what we will pick up.