Material Girls quilts travel to Africa through Open Arms International

Sandi Price

When David and Rachel Gallagher led a mission trip to Eldoret, Kenya in 2002, their team of 17 treated more than 400 orphaned children with a multitude of diseases and through generous donors received enough supplies to last the local doctor a year.

The needs of these children created a vision for David and Rachel. “What if there was a way to raise orphaned children in third world countries, to reach their full potential, so that they might become future leaders in government, business, medicine and ministry – and ultimately change their countries?”

Along with Dr. John and Rosemary Lancaster, friends in England, David and Rachel co-founded Open Arms International. They purchased 52 acres in Eldoret, Kenya in 2007 and began creating self-sustaining villages. By 2008 they had received 18 orphaned children (grown to 152 by 2018), established an academy for pre-K through 5th grade, provided prayer and medical care to over 3,000 people in Kenya and the list goes on.

When Open Arms International reached out to Robson’s Material Girls asking for quilts for their children, Robson’s Material Girls responded above and beyond as usual. We promised ten quilts and ended up sending forty-six, with more to come. Just to see the joy on all of these little faces wrapped in a warm quilt, is a reward beyond measure for the Material Girls who donated.