Mathilda Rumfelt Featured in the Colorado Newspaper

Mathilda Rumfelt

Mathilda Rumfelt

Donna Rumfelt

Hi, my name is Mathilda Rumfelt and many of you golfers already know me since I often greet you from my backyard. I spend my summers in Keystone, Colo., which is in Summit County. They have a daily dog feature and my silly mom submitted my picture. Note, I am sitting on my golf cart back home here at the Ranch! Summers in Colorado are fun but my favorite place is on my golf cart riding around Robson Ranch. Mom and I answered some questions so everyone will learn more about me in my newspaper feature. I feel like a superstar and wanted to share this with all my friends here in Texas!

Description: Mystery Mutt!

Human name: Donna Rumfelt

My favorite thing to roll in is: My parent’s bed

Even though I know it’s wrong, I still: Beg at the table

When I hear thunder or fireworks, I: Hide under my mom