McMath Middle School 6th graders learns Pickleball

Ellen M. Gilgore

Recently a number of Robson Ranch Pickleball Club members were asked to McMath Middle School in Denton to teach the 6th grade students how to play pickleball. This was our fourth year of volunteering, and the teachers enjoy playing as much as the students. We spent three days during the P.E. classes teaching them the basic rules, shots and a little bit of strategy. Although the classes are large, we still felt they at least could see how challenging and fun this sport can be. Our main goal is to let students know that it is good to learn a sport that you can play for a lifetime. It will keep one young while at the same time having loads of fun with the people one meets on the courts. The volunteers for these sessions were Nancy Burns, Scott Wilson, Fred Monroe, Dean French, John Thompson, Kathy Escamilla, Klaus Dannenberg, Shirley Waterhouse and Mel Labard.

Our next opportunity to teach in the schools is in the spring when we go to Argyle Intermediate School. Much appreciation is shown by the P.E. teachers and administration for our time spent with the students. I will be looking for more volunteers for the Argyle program. Many thanks for the above volunteers who helped this fall.