Meet Jere Bone

Jere Bone

Jere Bone in Out to Lunch

Jere Bone

Mary Ornberg

The Robson Ranch Drama Club is a group of residents who perform plays and skits for the community. We are highlighting one of our actors, Jere Bone (known as “Walter” in Out to Lunch, performed on Oct. 23, 2022).

Get to know Jere Bone, “Walter”

“Vicky and I moved to Robson Ranch from Trophy Club nine years ago. I was born in Oil City, Pa., and lived in Des Moines, Iowa; Grove City and Youngstown, Ohio; and Tyler, Texas. My career path took me to general dentistry. I finally focused my practice on orthodontics. My hobbies include writing, reading, and studying. Sports and relating to people are also on my list. Something you don’t know about me is that I’m a perfectionist. My greatest accomplishments are getting married twice and raising nine children, resulting in two grandsons. A major emphasis in my life has been music. I was 11 years old in a boys’ choir, traveling all over the world. I appreciate music, and I participate musically by playing a saxophone and using my vocal cords. Music has incredibly influenced my life.”

The next RR Drama Club performance will be Sunday, March 26, with performances at 2 and 6 p.m. Three comedic plays will be performed: Café Murder, Cheating Death, and Complaint and Lemonade. All of the cast and crew are your friends and neighbors here at Robson Ranch. Tickets go on sale for $10 each in early March at the clubhouse. Watch for updates in the HOA emails and Message Board.