Mentoring sign-up for school year 2014-2015

Borman Mentors- Spring 2014.

Borman Mentors- Spring 2014.

Al Grundstrom

As the new school year is beginning, we look forward once again to lend our talents to the Denton Independent School District.

This year we have scheduled an at large sign-up meeting of the Robson Ranch community in the clubhouse on Wednesday, October 1, at 9:00 a.m.

Anyone interested is encouraged to attend this meeting to determine how you can use your talents and see where you can be of assistance.

Robson Ranch volunteers will assist the staff in five schools within the district. Each school program could likely meet on a different day of the week. In some cases you can select a schedule to fit your available time.

We are preparing to mentor early elementary students at Borman Elementary, Evers Park Elementary and Rivera Elementary. Our focus at Gonzalez pre-school is reading to the students, while at McMath Middle School we have supplied tutors for various subjects and provided help with athletic activities.

We are planning to have a presentation given by each school principal or representative to outline the type of program they need and answer any questions you may have.

To qualify for acceptance to this program, all you need is to pass a background check, have a willingness to help a child in need and provide an open heart!

Late sign-ups can be accommodated by calling Dick Anderson at 940-239-6504 or Al Grundstrom at 940-262-2027.