Mesmerized socialites visit eerie haunted house

Halloween Party hosts and hostesses Mary and Roy Bryant and Michael and Terry Gilberti.

Nancy Toppan

On a cold dark Halloween night, frightened guests apprehensively make their way through spine-chilling, skull cemetery to attend the most prestigious All Hallows Eve social event of the year, hosted by Mary Bryant and Terry Gilberti. As ghostly terror emerges from the coffins of the dearly departed, visitors are terrified by the mournful, groaning graveyard screeches and shrieking. Tonight, forgotten ghostly spirits awake from the dead till light.

As prestigious socialites from Robson Ranch society enter the creepy Bryant home, you can feel your blood turning to ice in your veins. The creaking door opens to bloodcurdling cries of despair unleashed from strange beings inside. Guests, showing off their distinctive Halloween costumes, realize this is not a normal gathering of Robson friends. One can barely distinguish in the flickering lights between unearthly cursed spirits, ghosts and ghouls, grinning goblins, skeletons and the hideous earthly beings in their ghastly costumes. Both alive and expired souls fill the home.

Although in unnerving surroundings, a carousing party is in progress. Surrounded by creepy and frightful monsters, zombies, mummies, vampires, phantoms, wizards, spirits and demons, how would one know if you were conversing with a supernatural crazed and sinister phantasm or a live human being? An eerie feeling prevails throughout the evening.

Your spine tingles from the sounds of lively music, from a guitar playing maniac, accompanied by a phantom piano and organ player. In another room, we join D’ Dones wedding ceremony. A shiver of fear runs up your spine as unhinged apparitions in the restroom mirror send out blood-curdling yells and you see a shadow lurking in the shower. In the mad scientist lab, unsuspecting victims are being dismembered and operated on with large amputation saws and meat cleavers. Hair-raising chaos surrounds us.

Everyone is enticed to taste the bizarre buffet and witch’s brew – eye socket delights, bugger dip, blood salsa, dried scabs, bone marrow delight, buzzard droppings and Texas road kill. All were pleasantly surprised at how delicious these unusual recipes tasted. One must wonder, what potions, spells and charms are lurking in this delight?

Will we ever return to the reality we once knew?

It was the ultimate night of all Halloween nights, when tombs creak open and witches take flight. We gathered in the desolate dark of the night. We partied with abandon into the night, ‘til all were blessed with second sight.