Motorcycle Club: New Year, More Cheer!

Stylin’ for the Coats 4 Kids Ride

Stan Brein

Hi Stan,

On behalf of Denton ISD I would like to thank you and the Robson Ranch Motorcycle Club for your generous donations of gift cards. Our most vulnerable students and families will certainly benefit from your kindness.

I hope you and the members of Robson Ranch Motorcycle Club and their families have a great holiday season.

Lynn Charles, LMSW-AP-S, Coordinator of Social Work Services, Denton ISD

The holiday season brings joy, delight, and wonder. However, from my experience as a mental health professional working with children and families in distress, I have seen that it also accentuates the stressors, the strains, feelings of loneliness and loss, and possibly loss of faith. Even among those of us who feel blessed and comfortable, there is a melancholy in reflection and recollection that can weigh on us during this otherwise joyous time.

I have come to find that the best way to confront and overcome these feelings is to give of yourself and help others. The energy and delight of contributing and lending a hand to others counterbalances the negativity of the weight we may feel.

Robson Ranch residents are givers and helpers. Every club and organization that I am affiliated with or know of does their part to provide help and assistance to their fellow Dentonites. Every group contributes to the betterment of the community. I thank all of the clubs and individuals who worked extra hard during the holiday season to make this happen.

Motorcycle riding in December is interesting and tricky. If we are lucky enough to have a good-weather day, we have to plan for that very likely drop in temperature or wind gust. It is a test of those pricey garments the salesperson told us would make us impervious to the weather!

Riding for a cause always gets motorcyclists on the road, despite the weather. The Coats 4 Kids Ride on Nov. 25 was again a great success. The event attracted about 750 riders, and we collected and distributed over 1,500 coats. About 200 of those came from Robson Ranch. Thanks to Jan and Dave Riddle and the Robson Ranch Kiwanis Club, Cherlyn and Bob Conway and the Willet Way Gang, and all the residents of the Ranch who contributed.

Our other December Rite of Passage is the Holiday Party. There was great food and fellowship at Salerno’s Italian Restaurant on Nov. 30. The White Elephant Gift Exchange, expertly choreographed by Marti Conley, lived up to our eager anticipation! And thanks to the members for the gift cards that we were able to give to the Denton Independent School District Counseling and Social Work Department (lead-in above).

We wish all of you the best for 2024! Happy New Year!

See you on the road!

Beware of cagers, and keep the rubber-side down!