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That 70’s Show, So Good, So Good

Frances Hackley, Publicity Chair

The Robson Ranch Community Choir presented their long awaited That 70’s Show to the community, and gee wiz it was so good, so good. The community came out in record numbers as both shows were sold out! The choir and their director showed off their best of the 70s outfits as did most of the audience, which added immensely to the celebration of the 70s. Memorable tunes such as “Best of My Love,” “Lean on Me,” “MacArthur Park,” “Desperado,” and “Isn’t She Lovely” were performed to freakin awesome perfection. The ladies got their sexy on to Aretha’s “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Women,” (solo by Dee Kurtz), then the men had the whole audience joining in to Neil Diamond’s, “Sweet Caroline.” Let’s just say the concert was off the hook and exactly the big hug the community needed! Of course, the performance was led by Director Dr. Arturo Ortega and accompanied by Paul Lees. Not to mention the talented musicians that accompanied many of the pieces, and gave the audience a special treat after intermission by performing Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke,” which sounded plain righteous dude. The concert even had a special birthday celebration. Cecile Carroll turned 102 that Saturday and all sang Happy Birthday. The concert concluded with everyone singing “What the World Needs Now,” led earlier in the show by Dee Kurtz and Dana Bolin. All in all, it was a wicked cool, rockin’ good show! The choir could not have pulled off such a totally rad performance without the support of our stellar community. Thank you to all who came out and supported us! Your ovation was heartfelt and much appreciated. We hope you felt our love right back at you! Thank you also to our Gold Inner Circle Sponsors, your support this past year has meant a great deal to us! Thank you to all the behind-the-scenes worker bees. Those who volunteered their time selling tickets, manning the doors, the sound, the lighting, decorating, tear down, and those who spread the word about our concert. The Music Club looks forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events. After our “Freedom Sing and Dance Party” on July 2, we have Scaryoke on Oct. 29, a Veterans Day concert on Nov. 11, and the New Year’s Eve Dinner/Dance.

If you are considering joining this amazing group of singers, please call for an audition. Auditions are taking place on Saturday, Aug. 21 at 11 a.m. in the clubhouse. Contact Janice Stanton at [email protected] for an audition time.

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This Lovely Lady Attended the That 70’s Show Concert

Frances Hackley, Publicity Chair

What do you do when you turn 102? Well, if you are Cecile Carroll, you go to the Robson Ranch Music Club’s That 70’s Show concert. During the Saturday evening performance, the choir was honored to have Ms. Carroll attend and then hear more than 400 hundred folks sing her Happy Birthday.

Ms. Carroll was born on May 29, 1919. She and her six siblings were raised on a farm in Minnesota. Growing up on a farm didn’t leave much time for socializing and music, but she did enjoy the music of the times. Back then it was songs like, “I Found A New Baby” by Benny Goodman, “Everthing Is Jumpin” by Artie Shaw and his Orchestra and “Night and Day” by Fred Astaire. Cecile enjoyed playing them, as well as her favorite hymns on the family piano. After marriage, she moved to the state of Washington and shortly thereafter to California, Arizona, and eventually Texas. She now resides with her only child, Joyce Martin, here at Robson. While living in Arizona she worked many years at the Grand Canyon and one year hiked to the bottom with friends and back up on the next day. She was about 58 at the time. I think Cecile could be classified as a spitfire! She is the last surviving sibling in her family, has three grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. While relaxing and reading she always has on the easy listening channel playing on her TV in the background. Her favorite song from the concert was “Sing.” She remembers the Muppets doing it.

Ms. Carroll says she was thrilled to be the recipient of the special birthday serenade from the choir and audience. She said it made her feel very special. She sends a thank you to the choir and Arturo. Cecile has never missed a Robson concert and is looking forward to a birthday serenade again next year for her 103rd!