Need Prayer?

Christmas, holiday parties, family gatherings, finances, the end of one year and the beginning of the next are often sources of extra stress on nearly all of us. The challenge isn’t really in the stress, it is in how we face and cope with the stressors.

We are Christians who believe in the power of prayer, and we are committed to praying for anyone who wishes. We would be happy to partner with you in prayer for any need in your life. The following people have volunteered to be Prayer Pals. Call any one of us today. Prayer requests will be kept confidential.

You may call anyone on the list below:

Elaine 262-3524; Cynthia 262-0195; Sherry 262-0119; Pat 262-0257; Donna 262-3419; Mary 262-0246; B.J. 262-3259; Maureen 262-3119; Rebecca 262-2111; Gayle 262-3234; Nancy 465-0641; Leslie 262-3555; Evelyn 262-0936; Linda 262-3143; Theresa 214-577-4616; JoAnn 262-3275; Lana 262-7706 and Doris 262-3576.