New Book by Robson Ranch Author

Ron Moyne, a resident of Robson Ranch and contributing author to the Robson Ranch Library, has had a new book published. His publisher, Moonshine Cove Publishing, has signed him to a three book deal. The title for this one is Vindicta (vengeance in ancient Latin). It is a thriller and is available at Barnes and Noble. Ron hopes you will enjoy this one and the many more that will follow.

Vindicta features Robin Diane MacNeal, the deputy director of the FBI, along with three of her friends, are abducted while in Chile by armed paramilitary thugs hired by Felix Rojas of the most feared drug cartel in Veracruz, Mexico. His hateful vengeance is directed toward Robin and her fiancée, retired counter terrorism operative Tony Magnacavello. Tony and his team conducted an incursion in the past onto the Rojas property destroying Rojas’s drug-filled plane bound for the United States. Tony and seven retired spec/ops team members steal the SB-1 Defiant Prototype helicopter for their extremely perilous rescue. The attempt is not sanctioned by the U.S. Government. If caught by the FBI, he and his men face federal prison sentences. If captured by the cartel, they face torture and death for both them and the hostages.