No Van Goghs in the Crowd

Artists and their paintings

LaDonna Womochel

Members of the Robson Ranch Women’s Club met at a local painting studio in Denton to test their painting skills and to share in the camaraderie while trying something new. The activity started with a light brunch and a mimosa bar. Then the artist instructor showed the members how to hold the brush, mix the colors, and surprisingly enough, paint. Some of the members thought that their works might end up in their garages, but it was too soon to tell. Two of the members, Lisa Olson and Marci Roberts, walked away with bottles of champagne because of their skills. Most importantly, everyone had a good time.

The special events coordinator, Barb Cummins, has other plans underway to supplement the social aspects of this club away from Robson Ranch. So, watch for more information.