OLLI at UNT is a lifelong learning program with classes, events and trips designed by and for adults 50 and better. We are a vibrant community of curious minds, adventurous hearts and welcoming members. Classes are taught by distinguished university professors and area professionals. Join us for life’s next adventure. Offered are 100+ classes, member events and activities, local and international trips and special interest groups.

Classes are steps away from your door, held in the Clubhouse Ballroom at Robson Ranch! No grades, no tests – just curious minds learning.

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Here are just a few classes we are looking forward to in September:

Crime and Punishment in Colonial Virginia – Peter Johnstone

An investigation of the laws, lifestyle and justice system during the first one hundred years of Colonial Virginia.

Braggin’ – Diana Mason

Go figure, a native Texan who likes to brag on the Great State! This presentation provides you with all the fodder you need to promote your case on why Texas is the best place to live! You’re not braggin’ if it is true!

The Supreme Court on the Death Penalty – Wendy Watson

The Supreme Court plays a critical role in defining the scope of criminal justice policies such as capital punishment. In this class we’ll look at the specific analysis the Court uses in these cases and how it has been applied over the years. The class will also look at how that test may be applied going forward and what that may mean for the future of the death penalty.