Opportunity to Serve on the HOA Facilities Committee

LaDonna Womochel

One of our valued members of the HOA Facilities Committee is moving. The committee is looking for a replacement; please consider this opportunity to serve your community. Below are the requirements and the responsibilities of this committee.

Committee members shall be Robson Ranch homeowners, currently residing in the community. Service as a committee member is voluntary.

The committee serves the HOA Board by recommending criteria for use of current and proposed facilities, accumulating data on use of amenities, evaluating requests for future amenities by homeowners, and making recommendations to the HOA Board on such amenities, recommending solutions for disputes with homeowners concerning issues related to a facility, and recommending guidelines for new amenities to the HOA board and modifying the Facilities Use Handbook per the HOA board’s instruction. As a committee member, you will participate in one regularly scheduled committee meeting per month and any other specially called meetings.

The committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month in the Clubhouse Bandera room at 1:30 p.m. The meetings are open to residents.

Interested applicants should complete an HOA Committee Volunteer Form available at the HOA Administrative office in the clubhouse. Applicants will be interviewed by a quorum of committee members prior to the selection process. This is a great opportunity to become involved in your HOA, have fun with fellow committee members, and be of service to your fellow Robson Ranchers.