Party Pants Couples hold “crazy” golf scramble

The winning PPCGS group Kawika and
Charlsee Cotner and Donna and Phil Harper

Dave Parker

What do you get when you combine a bunch of crazy couples, wild clothes, swing lube and golf? You guessed it, you get Party Pants Couples Golf Scramble! Tracey and Steve Kucharski are the lead pants of the group and provide the monthly organization. This month Kristi and Thomas Bledsoe and Donna and Phil Harper provided the “swing lube” which definitely helped everyone’s swing accuracy. Thomas and Kristi also were entrusted with coming up with the “what hole” for hole number five. The what hole involved putting a tennis ball instead of a golf ball. The winning foursome established a new record three under par. Charlsee and Kawika Cotner and Donna and Phil Harper got to take home the PPCGS traveling trophy for July. The Party Pants Couples Golf Scramble group meets on designated Saturday afternoons. Look for a crazy looking group of characters having a great time on the course!