Pathfinders Group news – December 2014

Bill and Patti Withers

Bill and Patti Withers

Peggy Villagomez

Pathfinders Group had its general meeting in November and elected a new slate of officers. The president for 2015 is Peggy Villagomez, vice president is Virginia Wheeless and secretary/treasurer is Eileen Ballock.

We held our last luncheon for the year in November and will look forward to meeting and greeting our new neighbors starting again in January.

Pathfinders consist of a wonderful group of residents who take time out of their busy schedules to be greeters at our monthly luncheons. These greeters are a vital part of Pathfinders. They meet, greet and help new residents navigate their way through the many clubs and activities offered here at Robson Ranch as well as sharing their personal knowledge about where to shop, doctors and various other amenities located around the area and their involvements in various clubs and activities.

If you are reading this article and are new to the Ranch and have never attended as a first time guest to our Pathfinders luncheon, please give Peggy Villagomez, president of Pathfinders, a call at 940-262-3463 or email her at [email protected] Let her know you would like to attend.

The luncheons are informal as well as informative for newcomers to the Ranch.

New residents who attend for the first time always have their lunch paid for courtesy of Meridian Bank. Robson Ranchers love their wine, and keeping with Robson Ranch “tradition” all new Robson Ranchers leave with a “goody bag” as well as a complementary bottle of wine, another gift from Meridian Bank.

The Pathfinder luncheons are held in the Board Room at the Grill on the last Thursday of each month. The next luncheon for the Pathfinders will be January 29, 2015.

If you would you like more information about becoming a member of our Pathfinders Greeters group, call Virginia Wheeless at 940-262-3274 or email [email protected] There are no monthly or annual dues to become a part of this fun group; all you need is a willing heart and a warm smile.