Pet of the Month – January 2015



When the Happy Tails Dog Club co-president, Lana Aberbach, randomly selected a “Dog of the Month” for December, she reached in the bag of dog names to get a winner and pulled out a peanut; Keith and Sondie Reynolds’ “Peanut” that is.

Peanut is a newcomer to Robson Ranch, living here since this past September when the Reynolds moved here accompanied with Barkley, another canine in the household, and Max, the cat. Peanut is a five-year-old rescue dog. The Reynolds gave her a “forever home” when she was a year old.

Before moving here, Peanut and Barkley checked out the dog park to see if it was a good fit for them. Once they gave their approval the deal was sealed, and Keith and Sondie proceeded with plans to move here.

Peanut is very well behaved but shy. When guests arrive she barks from her hiding spot under the bed. It seems that Peanut had some bad experiences in her first home and is quite fearful of loud noises. She is fearful of people at first, especially men, but loves her dad, Keith.

Taking walks is a favorite activity, and she is trained to walk only on Sondie’s right side. She enjoys other dogs, her yellow chicken and house mates Barkley and Max.

Sondie and Keith say Peanut is very sweet and they are so fortunate to have her in their family.