Pet of the Month



Hi. My name is Beemer Brein, and I want to tell you about myself and my family. I was born in Waurika, Oklahoma on April 1, 2008 (no foolin’). People call me a Pomeranian. My official name is “Beemer, King of Bavaria.” I think I am named after dad’s motorcycle.

I met my forever mom and dad in Waurika on September 30, 2008. I remember their big smiles the first time we met. I sat on my mom’s lap for a long time until I reached my new home. While we were driving I got used to the sound of mom and dad’s voices. I liked that mom talked to me and petted me all the way home.

I like riding in the car. There are so many new things to see. Last summer I made a six-week road trip with my family. My dad takes me to the park every day. I like to play with my friends Mitzy, Kayla, Cody, Chuy, Rosie, Coco, Zoey, Meddy, Bert, Ernie and all the others. I met Presley who is also a Pomeranian. I like watching the dogs run the fence, and I get excited when the little dogs beat the big dogs. I enjoy when Captain Bill rides up on his red scooter because he gives all of us treats. I love riding in the golf cart, having the wind in my face and seeing all the sights.

At home my favorite toy is Blue Man. I love playing tug of war or retriever with my parents. I have lots of man caves around the house but best of all is sitting on dad’s lap or cuddling in bed with my mom and dad.

My favorite job is protecting my mom. I learned how to bark when somebody rings the doorbell or when I hear sounds outside of the house. My nephew Kent was born in January, and now mom and dad are something called grandparents. We visit Kent every week. He is littler than I am. I like the way he smells. Now I have to protect him too.

I think that Robson Ranch is the best place a dog can be. There is so much to do. I don’t even have to clean up after myself because dad does that with a little plastic bag. Mommy goes to a club called Happy Tails, and my friends’ parents go there too. They do a lot of nice things for dogs.

Well, look for me on my golf cart. I’ll be riding to the park!