Photo Club Is Not Dead

Mike Waterhouse

Our vibrant photo club is coming out of hibernation sooner than you might think. Yes, our club has been in a viral induced coma for the past few months, but its vital signs have remained stable. Functions like workshops, photo competitions, and displays, as well as zoom monthly board meetings survived throughout the plague. Many individual members of our large club have been using this quieter time to make slide shows and upgrade their skills, by taking courses online. It has also been a great opportunity for members to edit and review their photo files, make prints of their great photos, and clean their camera equipment.

So what have we got in store for everyone in the coming months? We will continue to have our monthly competitions, workshops, and Zoom meetings for the board. We will be displaying individual members’ work in the photo display window in the CATC building, with a new member’s work each month. In January, we are planning a get together for members to announce the winners of various competitions during 2020. We will keep members posted regarding time and place. As soon as we get the clearance to hold meetings again in a safe manner we will be going full steam to get back to where we left off earlier this year. We anticipate our club growing larger and stronger in 2021. Continue to be patient and we will see you all in the new year. Keep taking great photos, and feel free to check out our workshops by Zoom.