Photography Club: Busy, informative and growing

John Curran giving the March “What’s In Your Bag” presentation.

Calm After The Storm, February first place image by Shirley Waterhouse

Shirley Waterhouse

The Photography Club continues to have talented residents submitting really good photos. Our club includes persons that shoot all or some of their photos from their smart phones, point and shoot cameras, all the way up to professional grade cameras and equipment. There is definitely a place for members of all abilities.

Mentors Available

All members have access to photography mentors with highly skilled abilities and experience. Mentors are available to work with you on a one-on-one basis as a service project of our club. Current requested topics include: how to use my own camera, how to take better pictures, how to use Element, how to use Photoshop, and how to size photos. Whatever your need or question, our mentors can help.

February First Place Photo

The February first place photo is titled Calm After The Storm and was submitted by Shirley Waterhouse after a trip to the Grand Canyon. The photo was taken with a point and shoot Canon G 12. It is on display in the photography case in the CATC building along with the other fantastic photos that won award for the month.

The March winners are also on display, but the names and award distribution happen at the April meeting. The topic was “Danger” and caused all the members to get those creative juices flowing. The topic for April is “Open” and means you can submit any type photo your heart desires. Give it a try!

Photography 102 Workshop

Each fourth Tuesday of the month, Steve Russell delivers a workshop on basic cameras and photography. This workshop is open to all Robson residents, free of charge, and it is a great time to ask questions about your camera and general photography. The next workshop will be Tuesday, April 28, in room 104 of the CATC building at 9:30 a.m. Give it a try!

April 20 at 7:00 p.m. is our next meeting

All monthly meetings are held in room 104 of the CATC building. Each meeting includes a program speaker, a photography submission from the membership, and a member who describes What’s In Your Bag?

Photography submissions for April will be anything goes in the “Open” category. This is the perfect time for members to submit the photographs they like the best on any topic. It’s a fun show for visitors to watch as well.

What’s In Your Bag is a monthly fived-minute talk from a chosen club member who will describe what they use for photography. This is always a fun presentation since it includes members that only use a smart phone, all the way up to professional photographers and everything in between. This month the talk will be from Ron Ice describing his photography bag.

The program speaker for April will be Marea Downey. She is an avid photographer born and raised in England and residing in the Dallas area. She has provided images for The BBC, Outdoor Photographer and numerous other publications. One of her portrait images hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London. Her images have been used in her own publications, television shows and fundraisers. She is the Plano Photography Club Photographer of the Year

All Robson residents are invited and encouraged to attend these fun and informative meetings. If you have a prior commitment, it is OK to come late. Come join in the fun!