Pickleball Club: Fall Classic Fundraiser Tournament

Mark Kellam

On Nov. 14 through 15, Robson Ranch Denton Pickleball Club held a fundraiser tournament. Our club recently paid for the purchase and installation of lights on eight courts (with some help from our HOA). Now all 16 of our courts are available for early morning and evening play.

This was our first tournament since the pandemic started, and players were very excited to participate. The tournament was run with safety measures in place. We limited the tournament to 100 players and held events in two separate sessions each day. When not playing, masks and spreading out were the name of the game.

What a weekend! Despite some strong winds on Saturday (it’s Texas), we didn’t get any rain, and just a spectacular, sunny day on Sunday. The days were filled with competition, friendship, and lots of very good pickleball. We won’t mention a few “unusual” shots in the wind on Saturday.

Events were held for three skill levels in men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles. Our club is growing at an amazing pace—now over 600 members strong. The number of new players, and how fast the skills are growing, is great to see (thanks Player Development).

Our tournaments could never happen without our amazing volunteers. A big shout out to Mark Kellam, Spike Evans, Charley Cotner, Chris Root, and Susan and Tom Michelsen.