Pickleball seeping into the schools! Robson Ranch volunteers teach kids

Once again 24 hardy volunteers from the Robson Ranch Pickleball Club spent two months at Argyle Intermediate School demonstrating and teaching pickleball to the 5th and 6th graders. This is the fifth year this activity has taken place and is enjoyed by all, students and volunteers.

We started by giving demonstration assemblies to each grade level to pique their interest. Next we spent two full days teaching seven physical education classes each day how to hit the ball, keep score and learn some strategy. It was the job of the P.E. teachers to oversee the classes playing pickleball for the next three days. I later learned that the students were enjoying themselves so much that the teachers extended the pickleball unit for another week.

For five weeks after this we returned every Thursday after school to give the interested students a chance to play for an hour with their friends. During the five weeks a total of 47 children participated using six modified taped courts in the gymnasium. Each Thursday a sometimes different set of six volunteers would participate, one at each court. In this way the students at each court were getting great instruction.

On the fifth week a doubles tournament was held for those who wished to participate. Two sixth grade boys were each presented a new paddle along with a personalized button pin, and two other sixth grade boys came in second. They each received pickleball balls and a button pin as well.

A couple of the students have been coming to the Robson Ranch outdoor pickleball courts to play on Saturdays under my supervision, giving them the opportunity to play on regulation sized courts. They have enjoyed it so much that the grandmother of one of them purchased a portable net system so they can play in their driveway. This past Saturday we went to the Argyle Methodist Church where two regulation courts have been painted on the parking lot. They had a grand time playing and hopefully can continue at this location whenever they wish.

This has been a rewarding activity for all involved and has given all the volunteers a greater appreciation for students of this age group. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped in this endeavor. It could not happen without you!