Pilot Knob Rotary Club Saving Lives

Kaylee Bragg and Christina Tang from UNT Rotaract Club talked about Rotary’s presence on the UNT campus.

The Pilot Knob Rotary Club hosted a blood drive by Carter BloodCare on Aug. 20. Thanks to lifesaving donations by residents of Robson Ranch and nearby communities, Carter collected 18 whole blood donations and two double-red blood donations. Each of the whole blood donations is broken down into its three components: red blood cells, platelets, and plasma, thereby enabling North Texas healthcare facilities to serve up to 54 patients with one of the three components. Each of the double-red donations is broken down into two red blood components, thereby assisting up to four additional patients.

The Pilot Knob Rotary Club would like to thank each of the lifesaving donors at the August blood drive, club members who supported the drive, particularly new Robson resident Randy Sudderth, and the Robson Ranch HOA, for allowing us to host the blood drive at Robson Ranch.

For information about the next blood drive on Saturday, Dec. 17, please visit www.PilotKnobRotary.com or send an email to Web Bliss, PKRC Blood Drive chair, at [email protected].