Pilot Knob Rotary Speakers Explain Cyber-Security and Disaster Insurance

Betsy Cole of Farmers Insurance answered members’ insurance and claims questions.

Betsy Cole of Farmers Insurance answered members’ insurance and claims questions.

Karen McDaniels

Do you think you can tell when your computer has been hacked or your financial information has been compromised? We all know that we need to be careful when we click on some internet links, but do we really know how deep cyber criminals can reach into our lives?

Cybercrime and Criminal Intent was the topic explored by Pilot Knob Rotary Club members when we welcomed Detective Brandon Hobon, a 26-year veteran with the Denton Police Department, as our speaker.

Assigned to the Investigative Services Bureau as a financial crimes investigator, he is currently a member of the Task Force Office with the United States Secret Service—North Texas Financial Crimes Task Force.

In addition to reviewing the “do’s and don’ts” of opening unknown emails and links, Detective Hobon also shared that, in today’s world of cybercrime, most hackers go after our medical information. So much of our lives is connected to our medical history that, once someone gets hold of our medical records, they have access to and know everything about us. Even clicking on a funny video on Facebook has the potential to open the door of our lives to cybercriminals.

After last month’s snow and ice storm cleared, and by a stroke of luck, our speaker was Betsy Cole, owner of the Farmers Insurance Agency in Northlake. With over 25 years with Farmers Insurance, Betsy serves residents not only at Robson Ranch, but also the surrounding communities as well. She spoke about the impact of storms and natural disasters on insurance claims, and shared handouts on how to file a claim with the least anxiety and the best results. Betsy is happy to assist residents who need help filing claims from the February storm.

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