Potluck Club – the place for food, fun and friendship

Laughter and good eating at the potluck dinner hosted by the Zeitlins.

Phyllis Ayers

The weather may be cold, windy and wet, but it won’t be long before the buds will appear on the trees and the daffodils will be soaking up the sun’s rays. And the Potluck Club is already planning our summer-slated Safari Progressive Dinner.

Save the date of Friday, June 14 (Flag Day) for our special annual dinner get together. There will be more details coming, along with some surprises. So now is the time to become a member of the Potluck Club. Dues remain the same as last year at $5 per household. All residents of Robson Ranch are invited and can join by filling out the membership form and returning it to Bernadette Fideli.

Just a sample of the fun and friendship you’ll encounter is the recent dinner Bert and Mark Zeitlin hosted during the January-February rotation. It was a wonderfully entertaining time and the food was delicious, making for a truly memorable evening.

Interested in joining the Potluck Club? Contact any one of the board members: Phyllis Ayers, president; Joyce Frey, vice president; Bernadette Fideli, treasurer; Roberta Zeitlin, secretary; Kathy Zumann, publicity; Donna French, scheduler; Vicki Baker, scheduler. We’d love to welcome you as a part of our club.